How to make the valuable shift from output to outcome

Many organizations have embraced agile as the new way of working. They understand that change is the only constant factor. And that agile can help them in effectively dealing with the ongoing challenges they are facing.

An agile transformation, like any organizational change, is difficult and messy. Scrum Masters and Agile Coaches act as change agents to help the organization on its agile journey. As a Scrum Master, you serve Scrum teams, Product Owners as well as the organization. …

‘Roles on the Radar’ shows you the potential in your life that you’re probably missing

Do you ever feel frustrated about all the things you want to do, knowing there won’t be enough time to get it all done? Or, while you are dedicating your precious time to one aspect of your life, you get that nagging feeling you are neglecting another more important area?

In my role as a scrum master, my job is to help teams within companies improve their performance over time. The process involves conducting retrospectives, sessions in which team members openly and honestly evaluate their performance over the past time frame. …


How to confront management with humor and get away with it

In one of my recent assignments, I was working with a Scrum Team on a new development project for a large organisation. The conditions were challenging: there were 10+ Scrum Teams working on an entirely new product, and half of those teams (our team included) had started less than a year ago. Meanwhile, the organisation was in full swing adopting an agile way of working based on the Scrum framework. For me as Scrum Master, this was a great opportunity to help out supporting the team, the Product Owner and the organization in delivering value to their customers.

The case

The pressure…


A ScrumMaster's strategy for directing your life based on values and purpose

One of my latest articles was about setting up an effective to-do-list. People seemed to like it as they sent some nice responses. This feedback triggered me: wouldn’t it be great to have some kind of purpose or vision to live by?

As a scrummaster and agile coach I work a lot with teams. One of the team workshops I regularly facilitate is based on the so-called Team Canvas. It’s a business model canvas to help teams align on their way of working to achieve their common goals. At the heart of the Team Canvas is the team’s purpose. …

The personal task board helps you see how your actions move you toward your goals

I love to-do lists. I love the instant gratification they offer: complete a task, cross it off, and move on. Throughout my career, I’ve structured my work by making to-do-lists, constantly experimenting with formats — paper journals, spreadsheets, mobile apps — in a quest to find the best, most helpful version.

But there’s one problem that no to-do list, in any of those forms, can solve: They don’t show you the bigger picture. Day after day, you’re simply pushing around individual actions without seeing the “why” behind them. …

Getting closer to your teammates when you are remote

During this pandemic many of us have exchanged the formal office workplace for a far more informal workplace at home. As individuals some of us are used to work from home occasionally, when it is convenient due to personal circumstances, our choice, our benefit. But now entire teams are dispersed and everybody is working remotely from each other, quite a different experience. Even more so if you have to look after kids, who are staying at home too because schools are closed. …

Think about the three Ls: liked, learned and lacked

As a scrum master, my job is to help teams within companies improve their performance over time. One way I do this is through something called a sprint retrospective. At the end of every sprint — a period of time during which specified work must be completed — a team will look back and evaluate their performance, figuring out what they did well and what can be improved.

The sprint retrospective is a powerful process, allowing team members to make sense of their most recent experiences. …

Scrumpy Dad stories: balancing individual needs in your relationships

A practical approach to sort out mutual priorities together

Getting your own priorities right is already difficult enough, let alone in collaboration with other people, who often have different views. Depending on the importance and sensitivity of the topic at hand, emotions may be involved, resulting in heated debates.

There are plenty of examples where it’s important to understand individual priorities of members of a group, and to align on the most important ones together. Think about planning your summer holiday trip with your family or a social event with friends. That should be a happy journey, right? …

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, this powerful exercise shows you where to spend your energy

A variety of yellow post-its are stuck onto a board.

A while back, I noticed that my teenage daughter was overwhelmed by everything she had on her plate: moving out on her own for the first time, applying to internships, searching for a part-time job, staying on top of her health, and maintaining her social life. While she has always been very disciplined, all of these activities were competing for her attention, and she was struggling to find the right balance. She wasn’t getting enough sleep, and it began to affect her well-being.

It hurt me to see one of my kids struggling. I wanted to help my daughter without…

Scrumpy Dad stories: inspect and adapt with your loved ones

Starting a real conversation that matters to your kids and you

Did you ever hear or read those stories about Agile/Scrum enthusiasts who not only used Scrum at work, but went as far as to adopt this way of working at home? They make a family backlog, plan their weekly sprint together, and have a daily scrum at breakfast. And did you also frown upon such stories because it seemed a bit far-fetched? I did for sure, let’s be honest about that.

But as I got a bit older and wiser, I started to realize that there are certain similarities between work and private life, at least for me. And I…

Herman Meeuwsen

Experienced scrummaster/coach, passionate about personal development, applying work practices at home to build a happy family life.

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